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2017 Pohick Wishing Well

Welcome to the Pohick Church Wishing Well! As in years past, I asked the staff to come up with a list of unfunded “wishes” that would help enhance their specific areas of ministry at Pohick Church. After some reflection and research, they produced for me the “wish list” printed below.

If you would like to make one of these wishes come true, please email me at dbinder@pohick.org, indicating one or more items you would like to underwrite. Once you do, I will first check that the item has not yet been donated and then send an acknowledgement with instructions for how to proceed.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of these “pennies” on our Wishing Well. Your help will go a long way toward enriching our continuing mission at Pohick!


Sunday School

1. Student Bibles (hardback) for classrooms: 10 @ $22 each

2. 32” Flat screen for the nursery to replace the old broken TV: $150

3. TV Wall Mount for Nursery: $40

4. Bookcase for Nursery: $150

Music Program—Organ Renovation (See separate display in parish house for bigger-ticket items)

5. Revoicing of a Subbass pipe: 32 @ $50 each

6. Revoicing of a Trumpet pipe: 56 @ $70 each

7. Lighting for the Music Rack and Keyboards: $475


8. Replacement copies of The Book of Common Prayer 10 @ $20 each

9. Replacement Pew Bibles 14 @ $12 each

10. Replacement Children’s Prayer Books 14 @ $12 each

Community of Hope

11. Booklets to help those facing Bereavement: 10 @ $10 each

12. Booklets for those ministering to those facing Bereavement: 5 @ $7 each

Main Office

13. Typewriter Repair: 2 @ $175 each

14. New Office Carpet: $1,100

15. Updated Phone System: $4,300


16. Powered Auger: $229

17. Heavy Duty Dump Cart: $129

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