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VestryThe Vestry is Pohick Church's governing board, legally responsible for all matters of finance, property and maintenance within the parish, either directly or through the appointment of trustees.

Pohick's Vestry is comprised of the Rector, who normally presides at all meetings, and fifteen Pohick parishioners, four of whom are elected each year by the congregation to a three-year term, and one of whom is elected by the congregation as a youth representative to a one-year term. In addition, other clergy staff and seminarians are traditionally granted seat and voice for the length of their tenure.

The Vestry selects its officers at its organizational meeting each December, just after the annual parish meeting. The officers and their duties are: the Senior Warden, who generally assists the Rector in overseeing the mission of the parish; the Junior Warden, who takes charge of property and maintenance concerns; the Treasurer, who supervises all matters of finance; and the Register, who records the minutes of each meeting.

Each member of the Vestry also serves as chair or co-chair of one of the parish's ten Vestry Commissions, which are listed in the Commissions tab above. These oversee all areas of ministry at Pohick, as defined within the Parish Organizational Chart.

The Vestry normally meets on the second Tuesday of each month, normally at 7:30 pm in the Vestry House. Except for when it chooses to go into executive session, all Vestry meetings are open to the congregation.

Vestry Membership


The Reverend Donald D. Binder, PhD

Reed Heddleston, Sr. Warden (2016) Zach Smith (2016) Fuzzy Thurston (2017)
Fred Crawford, Jr. Warden (2017) Helen Parker (2016) Kathy Kirkland (2018)
Dan Derbes, Treasurer (2016) Edwardene Pitcock (2016) Doug Smith (2018)
Susan Pehrsson, Register (2018) Carolyn Cockroft (2017) Eric Thorson (2018)
  Amanda Choi (2017)  

Numbers in parentheses indicate the final year of the vestry member's term

Vestry Commissions

Click here for the Parish Organizational Chart

The following ten Vestry Commissions oversee all matters of parish life and worship:

The Worship Commission assists the rector in providing worship services that both inspire and challenge the congregation by supporting those groups directly connected with the liturgy, including the Altar Guild, Acolytes, Choirs, Flower Guild, Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Ushers. The Rev. Donald Binder, Chair.

The Planning and Policy Commission develops the parish's long-range Strategic Plan, coordinates with government agencies and civic groups, and promotes the church's historical heritage. Reed Heddleston & Zach Smith, Co-Chairs.

The Resources Commission examines parish needs and available financial resources and brings the two together to recommend an annual budget to the vestry. It also examines ways of best using the resources available to us. Dan Derbes & Eric Thorson, Chair.

The Mission & Outreach Commission explores the needs of the surrounding community, seeking ways that the parish can minister to it, both spiritually and materially. Currently this ministry supports local organizations such as the Lorton Area Community Center, United Community Ministries, Operation Friends and Gunston Partners. The commission also oversees the welcoming of newcomers and parish evangelism programs, as well as the docents. Edwardene Pitcock, Chair.

The Pastoral Care Commission oversees the training and deployment of lay visitors who respond to the material, emotional and spiritual needs of parishioners and other members of the community. This commission's ministry is exercised through the Community of Hope ministry. Carolyn Cockroft, Chair.

The Christian Education Commission develops and implements curricula for both the Sunday school and other educational programs offered within the parish. It also oversees the parish youth program (EYC). Amanda Choi, Chair.

The Stewardship Commission not only directs the annual stewardship drive, but also works to educate parishioners about the responsibilities of Christian stewardship. The qualities of love of others, hard work, giving, leadership, and loyalty are the characteristics which makes Pohick parishioners good stewards. Fuzzy Thurston, Chair.

The Property Commission is in charge of the physical plant of the church. Its responsibility is to see that the church buildings and grounds are kept in good repair. Volunteer work-crews for ground and building maintenance are an active part of this Commission. Fred Crawford & Doug Smith, Co-Chairs.

The Service & Fellowship Commission coordinates the parish's many service guilds and fellowship groups, including the Ann Mason and the Martha Guilds, the Episcopal Church Women (ECW), the Guild of the Christ Child, the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, and the Foyers Groups. Susan Pehrsson, Chair.

The Communications Commission oversees the dissemination of information about parish activities to parishioners and members of the community through newsletter mailings, media announcements, web-site development, and other forms of advertising. Helen Parker & Kathy Kirkland, Co-Chairs.

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