Pohick Church Strategic Plan

Adopted by the Vestry, April 13, 2010


The mission of Pohick Church is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, to advance the role of the Episcopal Church as an active participant in sharing the Gospel, and to create a nourishing Christian community of worship where Christ's love is experienced and taken beyond its walls.


Pohick Church will be a significant and vibrant center of Christian worship and ministry. We will be recognized for our worship services, music and youth programs, Christian education, mission and outreach efforts, evangelism, and fellowship. Our clergy, staff and laity will continue to be leaders within the region and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal #1: Minister to the spiritual needs and well-being of the entire Parish community.

Strategic Goal #2: Reach out beyond our Parish community through a variety of service programs, educational opportunities and worship services that bring Christ to others and others to Christ.

Strategic Goal #3: Provide sufficient, appropriately trained human resources -- clergy, staff and volunteers – to accomplish our Mission, realize our Vision and execute our Strategic Goals.

Strategic Goal #4: Provide appropriate well-maintained facilities to accomplish our Mission, realize our Vision and execute our Strategic Goals, with sensitivity to Pohick's unique history.

Strategic Goal #5: Provide stable financial resources to accomplish our Mission, realize our Vision and execute our Strategic Goals.

Actions to Implement the Strategic Plan

Actions to Implement Strategic Goals #1 and #2, Ministry within and beyond the Parish:

1. Foster Strong Parish Youth Programs

  • Encourage and equip our young people to take a more active planning and leadership role in EYC programs.
  • Provide ample adult leadership for youth activities by identifying, encouraging, training and supporting adults within the Parish who have a special gift for working with youth.
  • Continue to encourage our young people to participate in all Parish activities.
  • Promote our youth and youth groups’ participation in regional and Diocesan opportunities as they occur.
  • Look after the safety and well-being of young people within the Parish and our Parish youth programs.

2. Strengthen ministry to the elderly and infirm within the Parish/p>

  • Ensure ongoing clergy and lay pastoral care to elderly and infirm parishioners.
  • Develop a volunteer program to provide transportation and other assistance for elderly people who need it.

3. Strengthen ministry to those in particular need of prayer and pastoral care.

  • Improve the process of identifying those within our Parish and community in need of support.
  • Provide for regular clergy and lay visitations to those in need, particularly through hospital visitations and the Community of Hope Program.
  • Provide assistance and support to these individuals and their families.
  • Sustain the Parish Nurse program by continuing beneficial connections with local health care institutions.
  • Help parishioners who need to find employment, particularly those new to job market and those who have lost their jobs, through mentoring, formal and informal job networking and other efforts.
  • Develop outreach to lapsed members.

4. Identify and provide resources for additional specialized ministries within the Parish.

  • Identify resources and leadership to establish programs for young married people, parents of young children and single parishioners.
  • Develop a ministry to our young adult parishioners.

5. Promote the worship of God through services that both inspire and challenge the congregation.

  • Continue to provide a variety of liturgical worship formats and opportunities to appeal to a broad spectrum of parishioners.
  • Provide a regular choir at the 11:15 service that can provide the foundation for congregational singing.

6. Provide effective Christian education programs that nourish the spiritual growth of all parishioners.

  • Offer multiple Christian education opportunities, especially on Sunday mornings, for young people and adults.

7. Improve communication within the Parish.

  • Regularly update the Parish web page with content intended to address the needs of parishioners.
  • Fine-tune the use of other modes of electronic communication, including email, telephone trees, social media, etc.
  • Improve communications with parishioners away at college, on military tours of duty, otherwise temporarily away, and with the Pohick Diaspora.

8. Strengthen evangelism and outreach programs beyond Parish.

  • Reach out to non-believers and seekers through the Alpha programs.
  • Explore opportunities to share Christ through the Community of Hope and other programs.
  • Increase awareness of church activities in the local community.
  • Continue to support and carry out frequent youth and adult mission trips.
  • Improve signage.
  • Regularly update the Parish web page so it continues to be an evangelism and outreach tool to inform and attract those seeking a new spiritual home.

Actions to Implement Strategic Goal #3, Human Resources:

1. Support the Rector in defining and filling clergy, staff and lay positions to meet the needs of the parish and its programs.

  • Regularly review the staffing needs of the congregation, reconfiguring paid and volunteer positions proactively.
  • Create and regularly update a personnel manual for clergy, staff and volunteers. The manual should include job descriptions for clergy, staff and volunteers; compensation guidelines; and a performance- management process for both personnel and programs.

2. Recruit and mentor parishioners into volunteer positions so that an ever-expanding base of people will know, appreciate, and take ownership of the various programs of the church.

  • Educate parishioners about the role, opportunities and theology of lay ministry, and encourage participation in lay ministry programs.

3. Support ongoing training for clergy, staff and volunteers via workshops, conferences and other opportunities.

Actions to Implement Strategic Goal #4, Physical Resources:

1. Document the Master Plan to expand and improve Parish facilities.

2. Execute the Master Plan.

3. Retain suitable engineering, architectural and fund-raising firms for the execution of the Master Plan.

4. Develop a property manual.

5. Establish long-range plans for the maintenance of church buildings and grounds.

Actions to Implement Strategic Goal #5, Financial Resources:

1. Develop, implement and maintain sound financial control policies, including an annual audit as required by Canon.

2. Develop and regularly update a comprehensive master financial plan.

  • Establish an endowment for the preservation and maintenance of building and grounds.
  • Institute a means for electronic giving by parishioners and those not connected with Pohick.

3. Identify and implement ways to strengthen our financial foundation through ongoing financial stewardship.

  • Emphasize planned giving as an integral part of stewardship.
  • Encourage all who attend Pohick to pledge and to meet God’s standard of the tithe.

4. Develop effective ways to communicate with the Parish about our financial status.


To ensure the timely implementation and review of this plan, the Vestry of Pohick Church will:

1. Accept primary responsibility for the plan's execution.

  • Assign implementation of Strategic Plan Action steps to appropriate Vestry commissions.

2. Regularly review and assess progress toward the Goals

  • Receive commission reports on plan progress at each Vestry meeting.
  • Report on the Strategic Plan at the annual Parish Meeting.

3. Regularly review and update the Strategic Plan.

  • Assess progress on the Strategic Plan at the Vestry retreat every year and consider updates every even-numbered year.
  • Solicit comments and suggestions from the congregation in advance of these meetings.

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The mission of Pohick Church is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, to advance the role of the Episcopal Church as an active participant in sharing the Gospel, and to create a nourishing Christian community of worship where Christ's love is experienced and taken beyond its walls.

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