Outreach at Pohick Church

  • Introduction
  • Gunston Tutoring
  • LCAC
  • New Hope Housing
  • African Team Ministries
  • Mission Trips

The goal of Outreach at Pohick Church is to share our time, talents and material possessions with the community, the nation, and the world. This sharing is based on the belief that these assets are gifts of God to be used for the benefit of all mankind.

We engage in a variety of activities to achieve this goal. Among them are food collection and clothing collection to benefit the Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC) and the Route One Corridor Housing Project. During October we collect winter clothing to deliver to homeless shelters. Throughout the year food is collected to help supply the shelves at LCAC; several times during the year we provide a weeks worth of lunch food for the Kennedy Shelter; at both Christmas and Thanksgiving food basket items are collected to assist families in our community.

Through Operation Friends, members of the Pohick Church community support homeless individuals at the Kennedy Shelter with mentoring programs, birthday parties, and holiday parties. Younger citizens in our community are also supported in a variety of ways. This includes a drive to collect school supplies for distribution to the children needing them and a tutoring program to assist children in expanding their learning skills.