Pohick Episcopal Church
Past Adult Education Offerings

The Reverend Donald D. Binder, PhD

  • 2012-13
  • 2010 - 11
  • 2008 - 9
  • 2006 - 7
  • 2004 - 5
  • 2001 - 3

Holy Land Lessons
(Fall, 2013)

  • The Holy City and Its Suburbs
  • The Mystery of the Magdala Stone
  • “A Wandering Aramean Was My Father . . .”
  • The Good Samaritan
  • The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Part I notes
  • The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Part II
  • Foods of the Holy Land
  • Herod the Builder
  • Jericho: The World’s Oldest City

C.S. Lewis—His Life & Writings (Lent 2013)

Biblical Archaeology (Fall, 2012)

  • Noah’s Flood notes
  • David’s Jerusalem notes
  • The Empire Strikes Back notes
  • Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls: The Great Discovery of the 20th Century notes
  • Sepphoris: A City Set on a Hill notes
  • Synagogue and Ekklēsia notes
  • A Temple Built with Human Hands notes

Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors (Summer, 2012)

  • The Favorite Son: Gen 37
  • How to Interpret a Frame-up: Gen 39–40
  • Pharaoh’s Dream: Gen 41
  • Cat & Mouse: Gen 42–43
  • Reunited and It Feels So Good?: Gen 44–45, 46:28–47:12

Boundaries: When to Say “Yes,” How to Say “No” (Lent, 2012)

  • Starting with Yourself
  • Sweet Surrender
  • Going to Your Brother or Sister
  • Hindrances to Boundaries

"The Persecuted Church in History and the New Millennium" (Fall, 2011, with Dr. Paul Marshall)

  • The Church’s Spread, our Blind Spot & the Worldwide Church in the New Millennium handout, notes
  • The Early Church and a Theology of Persecution notes
  • The Communist and “Post-Communist” World handout, notes
  • The Muslim World: A Growing Threat notes
  • South Asia-India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Nepal, handout, notes
  • Why Religious Freedom and the Persecuted Church Matters notes
  • How Shall We Respond? handout

"Ancient Techniques for Rejuvenating Your Prayer Life" (Lent, 2011)

"Jacob's Journey of Faith" (Summer, 2011)

"Almost Christian" (Fall, 2010)

  • A First Look at the National Study of Youth and Religion (NSYR) notes
  • The NSYR and Spiritual Seekers, the Disengaged and Religiously Devoted Teens notes
  • The NSYR and Moralistic Therapeutic Deism notes
  • The NSYR and Teens entering Adulthood notes
  • Almost Christian”: Strategies for Teaching our Children notes
  • Cultural Influences: How does Society Impact our Children’s Integration of Faith? notes
  • Putting it All Together: Navigating the Pitfalls on the Journey Forward notes

Addiction & Grace (Lent, 2010)

  • Experience: The Qualities of Addiction (Chapter 2) Notes, Reflection Sheet
  • Mind: The Psychological Nature of Addiction (Chapter 3) Notes, Reflection Sheet
  • Body: The Neurological Nature of Addiction (Chapter 4) Notes
  • Spirit: The Theological Nature of Addictions (Chapter 5) Notes
  • Grace: The Qualities of Mercy (Chapters 6 –8) Notes

Dealing with a Dysfunctional Church: St. Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians (Fall, 2009)

Faith-Based Finance (Lent, 2009)

Celtic Christianity (Fall, 2008)

Being Reconciled in Christ (Lent, 2008)